v. flew, for11, 19, flied, flown, fly•ing,
1) to move through the air using wings
2) to be carried through the air or through space by any force or agency
3) to float or flutter in the air:
flags flying in the breeze[/ex]
4) aer. to travel in an aircraft or spacecraft
5) aer. to operate an aircraft or spacecraft
6) to move suddenly and quickly; start unexpectedly:
He flew out of the room[/ex]
7) to change rapidly and unexpectedly from one state or position to another:
to fly into a rage; The door flew open[/ex]
8) to flee; escape
9) to move or pass swiftly:
How time flies![/ex]
10) to move with an aggressive surge
11) spo to bat a fly ball in baseball
12) cvb inf Informal. to be acceptable, believable, feasible, or successful:
It seemed like a good idea, but it just wouldn't fly[/ex]
13) to make (something) float or move through the air:
to fly a kite[/ex]
14) aer. ars to operate (an aircraft or spacecraft)
15) to hoist aloft, as for display or signaling:
to fly a flag[/ex]
16) aer. ars to operate an aircraft or spacecraft over:
to fly the Pacific[/ex]
17) aer. to transport or convey by air
18) to escape from; flee
19) sbz
a) to hang (scenery) above a stage by means of rigging
b) to raise (scenery) from the stage into the flies
20) phv fly at, to attack suddenly; lash out at
21) phv spo fly out, to make an out in baseball by hitting a fly ball that is caught by a player of the opposing team
22) clo a strip of material sewn along one edge of a garment opening to conceal a zipper, buttons, or other fasteners
23) a flap forming the door of a tent
24) a piece of fabric extending over the ridgepole of a tent and forming an outer roof
25) an act of flying; flight
26) the course of a flying object, as a ball
27) spo
fly ball
28) hor a regulating device for chime and striking mechanisms, consisting of an arrangement of vanes on a revolving axis
a) the horizontal dimension of a flag as flown from a vertical staff
b) the end of the flag farther from the staff
Compare hoist 6)
30) sbz flies.
Also called fly loft the space above the stage used chiefly for storing scenery and equipment.
Etymology: bef. 900; ME; OE flēogan fly′a•ble, adj. fly`a•bil′i•ty, n. II
[[t]flaɪ[/t]] n. pl. flies
1) ent any of numerous two-winged insects of the order Diptera, esp. of the family Muscidae, as the common housefly
2) ent any of various winged insects, as the mayfly or firefly
3) spo a fishhook dressed with feathers, silk, tinsel, etc., so as to resemble an insect or small fish, for use as a lure or bait
Etymology: bef. 950; ME flīe, OE flēoge, flȳge fly′less, adj. III
[[t]flaɪ[/t]] adj. Slang.
1) brit. inf brit. clever
2) inf sts stylish; fine
Etymology: of uncert. orig.

From formal English to slang. 2014.

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